• The BodyTom CT Scanner: 100% Funded by our Supporters!

    It has arrived! Watch a special message of thanks and appreciation to all of our donors from the Executive Director of the Epworth Medical Foundation Scott Bulger.

  • Philanthropy Report 2017

    Find out how your donations have been used to make a difference and support patient care at Epworth.

  • Epworth Examiner 2017

    Meet our new Group Chief Executive Dr Lachlan Henderson, read about our Centenary Fund & be inspired by the significant impact our donors are making on the lives of our patients.

  • Our Achievements in 2015-16

    Video: In Epworth’s 96 years, see why 2015/16 was our most outstanding year yet!

  • Philanthropy Report 2016

    The Philanthropy Report for 2016 highlights how donations & bequests have helped to ensure patients at Epworth receive the best care possible.

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    Where the money goes

    Read all about the great impact your support has on our patients at Epworth HealthCare.