Epworth Medical Foundation

Epworth has always been a charitable, not-for-profit private hospital.

The spirit of philanthropy remains in our DNA to this day, with the Epworth Medical Foundation raising much-needed funds for world-class facilities and equipment, compassionate patient programs and innovative research and education.

Latest appeal

Cardiac ultrasound appeal

You can help save lives.

Walking through our hospitals, you can’t miss the impact of Epworth Medical Foundation donors.

In 2022, you funded life-saving equipment for cardiac patients, and more ICU beds for patients in critical condition.

We’re treating more patients than ever who need our help - and that’s why we’re asking for yours.


Ways to donate

Your gift directly improves patient care at Epworth. Choose your way to give today.

Your impact

Perhaps you have a special reason for wanting to support our hospitals through the Epworth Medical Foundation.
You can direct your gift to an area that’s important to you, or assign it to our most urgent need.


Together, you funded the first SCOUT radar used to remove cancer in Australia

Jodie’s breast cancer was located in a tricky area, close to important nerves in the arm.

Standard surgery came with risks. “It could’ve left me without the ability to move my arm which would’ve had significant consequences for my family and working life,” Jodie said.

Thankfully, the new SCOUT radar, generously funded by EMF donors, made it possible for Dr Chantel Thornton to locate Jodie’s breast cancer down to the millimetre, and remove all of the tumour.

It was an Australian first. Help us keep making breakthroughs with the medical equipment our staff and patients need.

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Built on philanthropy

Epworth HealthCare started with an idea: a vision to build a private hospital in Victoria that would provide people on modest incomes with more pleasant accommodation, dedicated nursing services, and better facilities than the public hospitals could often provide.

Epworth would not be the hospital it is today without the kindness of our community. We are eternally grateful for all that our generous supporters enable every single day.
Scott Bulger
Executive Director, Epworth Medical Foundation

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