We’ve often cared for generations of families at our hospitals. Right from birth, to accident-prone teenagers, through to adults who want to continue the legacy of giving themselves.

There is a special way to create a permanent legacy at Epworth.

When you make a gift of $10,000, we acknowledge your contribution through the naming of a room at a ward and site of your choice. Your gift goes directly to supporting world-class care across our hospitals.

Not only are you creating a lasting connection into the future, you are making Epworth better through your support.

In addition to naming a room, Epworth can recognise significant philanthropic support through the naming of state-of-the-art wings, patient wards, operating theatres and rehabilitation and treatment facilities.

In recognition of your gift, you will receive:

A plaque with your chosen inscription

in your chosen room as a visual legacy

Join the Epworth Society

Automatic membership to our Epworth Society which includes access to member only events and activities throughout the year

Honour Board

Your name added to the Epworth Society Honour Board

How to name a room

We can help you establish a visual legacy at Epworth. Contact Vanessa Dannock today.

Philanthropy Manager

Vanessa Dannock

Contact Vanessa Dannock today for more information.

Name a room

Honouring Jean

To celebrate their beloved family member Jean, Rosemary and Neville Castles named a room at Epworth Richmond, creating a link between Epworth and Jean forever.

“We decided to name a room in Jean’s honour as we wanted her generosity to be recognised and celebrated. Jean was one very special lady. She supported Epworth for many years. Her name, along with her brother and sister-in-law Watt and Gwen Castles, was on the first Honour Board at Richmond.”

Ways to donate


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