The Brookes Academy, Nursing and Midwifery at Epworth (Brookes Academy) is one of the most ambitious projects undertaken in Epworth’s 104-year history.

It is a place dedicated to advancing nursing and midwifery by strengthening the extraordinary talent of our nurses and midwives today and providing an education pathway for future generations.

The Brookes Academy will be entirely funded by philanthropy.

The Brookes Academy brings together two of the great forces at Epworth - a dedicated group of nurses and midwives committed to providing extraordinary care to their patients, and a generous community of supporters who want to enable our staff and hospital to be the very best they can be.

How you can support the establishment of the Brookes Academy:

Make a donation today via the donation form 

Establish an endowment 

Learn how you can establish an endowment now or as a gift in your Will to support the development of nurses and midwives at Epworth, now and in the future. 
Philanthropy Manager

Vanessa Dannock

Contact Vanessa Dannock today for more information.

Executive Director, Epworth Medical Foundation

Scott Bulger

Scott has passionately led the Epworth Medical Foundation (EMF) team for over 10 years. Scott is committed to ensuring that every patient who is treated and cared for at Epworth receives the very best care possible and sees that philanthropy is critical to achieving this goal. Contact Scott for a confidential discussion about how you can make your personal impact at Epworth.

I believe that this Academy will fundamentally change the profession of nursing and midwifery and ensure the provision of outstanding patient care. It is only with the support of our community that we can turn an incredible vision into reality.
Scott Bulger
Executive Director, Epworth Medical Foundation

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