Support a bright mind in healthcare

You can nurture who makes Epworth special - our people - including dedicated nurses, midwives and doctors.

They want to keep learning, to find new ways to improve care for you and your loved ones.

Your support of the annual Epworth Medical Foundation scholarship program enables them to visit a global centre of excellence to inspire new models of care at Epworth, or gain new skills with a course or certificate they can apply at work every day.

365 days of the year, they’re here for you, and contributing to their scholarship is a practical way to show you value and believe in the work they do.

Please consider contributing to make the scholarships possible in 2023.

How you can fund a scholarship

Scholarships can be funded as:

250+ staff scholarships awarded in 2022
You’ll hear directly from your scholarship recipient

You will help Epworth staff like Sophie, ICU nurse

Sophie Kasem was supported to complete her Post Graduate Certificate in Intensive Care Nursing at Deakin University, through the Esmé and John Edmonds Staff Scholarship.

Her studies allowed for new skills and experience with complex dialysis machines and intra-aortic balloon pumps.

“The opportunity to undertake further training has really consolidated my passion for nursing. I realise this is just the start and I have a strong desire to keep working my hardest to be the best ICU nurse I can be.”

How you can fund a scholarship

To learn more, contact Vanessa Dannock today.

Philanthropy Manager

Vanessa Dannock

Contact Vanessa Dannock today for more information.

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