Facilities are the building blocks of our hospitals

Our patients can spend many days, weeks and sometimes months with us. Investing in operating theatres and patient spaces allows us to make their time in hospital as nurturing and comfortable as possible.

Thanks to EMF donors, Ward 2 East at Epworth Freemasons is proud to provide world-class care in matching facilities. The ward sees patients experiencing cancer, and its recent renovation gives patients a bright, fresh and modern facility overlooking the park, for their often intensive treatment.

Leslie Bell is the Nurse Unit Manager for 2 East, and sees the positive impact for oncology patients now, and in the future.

“Thanks to donors, we’re renovating the ward to ensure they’re treated and cared for in the most comfortable and welcoming environment to aid their recovery,” Leslie says.

My thanks to each and everyone one of you for making this possible.
Leslie Bell
Nurse Unit Manager, 2 East Oncology Ward

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