The endowment process

An endowment is a very special type of gift – one that keeps on giving to our patients forever. You can establish your endowment via a gift in your Will or during your lifetime.

There are no administrative costs, so 100% of your gift is applied to your chosen purpose.

Step 1

An endowment is established with a gift of $100,000 or more.

Step 2

You choose an area at Epworth that means a lot to you, such as state-of-the-art equipment or medical research, or compassionate care and support programs for our patients.

Step 3

Your endowment is carefully invested to achieve significant and reliable annual returns.

Step 4

Each year, a small portion of the investment earnings is withdrawn to support your chosen area.

Step 5

This continues and allows your generosity to support patient care at Epworth forever.

Big ideas need big solutions and that's what our endowments do.

  • What's the difference between an endowment and donation?

    Unlike a donation, the funds of an endowment are carefully invested and only the investment earnings are used. This allows the principal amount to remain and enables us to create a permanent legacy of care in your name.

  • Why are endowments so important?

    Endowed funds are one of our most invaluable sources of philanthropic support. They can fund scholarships, ground-breaking research, equipment and/or another area of healthcare you would like to direct your endowment to. The perpetual nature of endowed funds allows our hospital to have consistent income, enabling us to plan and commit to advancing our care.

  • How is an endowment named?

    An endowment can be named in your name, your family's name or the name of a loved one, creating a permanent legacy at Epworth.

How do I create an endowment?

For more information and a confidential discussion on how you can create a lasting legacy through your endowment to Epworth, contact Vanessa Dannock today.

Philanthropy Manager

Vanessa Dannock

Contact Vanessa Dannock today for more information.

The Dr Alexander Baxter Nursing Scholarship

Alex Baxter was passionate about education

He trained as an engineering surveyor, before pursuing studies in acupuncture, hypnosis and a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Alex had a deep appreciation for the nurses who cared for him at Epworth Eastern Day Oncology. He decided to support their education and establish an endowment through a gift to the Epworth Medical Foundation in his Will.

Each and every year, the Dr Alexander Baxter Nursing Scholarship will support an Epworth nurse to undertake training or research to continually improve patient care.


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