Your gift puts much-needed equipment in expert hands, where it will save lives

It means a new ECG machine for cardiac teams to monitor heart health and catch a patient’s heart disease early. Or, a specially-designed drill so our surgeons can carry out complex neurosurgery on the brain. It allows doctors to give patients a clear answer, with a new PET/CT scanner to help detect the presence of cancer.

The latest equipment ensures our teams are ready for every patient’s need.

But this type of innovative equipment is constantly evolving, and becoming more sophisticated and expensive.

Philanthropy funds more than 50% of new medical equipment at Epworth each year.


Seeing the bigger picture in ear, nose and throat surgery

Dr Amanda Richards operates on a tiny, delicate organ – the voice box. With the donor-funded Zeiss microscope, the otolaryngologist can zoom in and magnify the vocal folds, to make the smoothest of miniscule movements.

One single piece of equipment like this microscope can help many Epworth patients in ear, nose and throat, urology and plastics surgeries.

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The Kenneth and Eleanor Lo Equipment Endowment Fund

The nature of an endowment means Kenneth’s wish to give back to Epworth staff will continue forever

Married for more than 50 years, Kenneth and his wife Eleanor were very grateful for the support of Epworth doctors and nurses after his diagnosis of myeloma (blood cancer) in 2016.

He wanted to recognise the care he received, and dedicate a gift to the Epworth Medical Foundation in his Will – the Kenneth and Eleanor Lo Equipment Endowment Fund.

"He would be very proud to know that this gift will help other patients like him in the future." - Eleanor Lo

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