Your gift today will help purchase 2 EPIQ CVx Cardiac Ultrasound machines for use in cardiac surgery and diagnostics

Cardiac surgery is lifesaving

To undertake this complex and delicate surgery, we need the best equipment. The EPIQ CVx Ultrasound system is a critical piece of equipment our skilled cardiac teams need to undertake this often life-saving surgery.

Please make a gift today to help purchase 2 EPIQ CVx Ultrasound systems to diagnose and treat people with heart disease.

This equipment may be used up to three times on a single patient.

It's used:

  • To diagnose the problem
  • During surgery to provide images to assist the surgeon
  • To provide images to check the procedure is successful

The EPIQ CVx ultrasound system is integral to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Each year, Epworth's world-class cardiac surgeons perform approximately 750 cardiac procedures and approximately 150 transcatheter aortic valve implantations (TAVI): a procedure designed to replace a diseased aortic valve without open heart surgery or surgical removal of the valve.

These operations depend on our highly skilled cardiac surgical team being equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment they need to perform this incredibly complex surgery.

This cardiovascular ultrasound system is a vital tool used widely throughout our hospitals by our cardiac diagnostic team, our cardiac surgeons and anaesthetists. It’s specifically designed to provide advanced, clear and detailed images of the heart to assist in both diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.

Please make a gift today to help purchase this vital equipment so our cardiac patients receive the best possible care.


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