Your gift today could help restore someone’s hearing.

For many people each year that goes by means they hear a little less.

The television must be turned up more loudly. It’s harder to hear conversations and join in. You can’t hear your grandchildren laugh. And one day your hearing aids don’t work well enough anymore.

And you are engulfed in a world of muffled sounds or even more devastating - of silence.

Sadly, more and more people in our community are experiencing the loss of their hearing.

But I’m pleased to tell you that there is hope for people with hearing loss.

Cochlear implant surgery can restore people’s hearing.

And Epworth is one of only two private hospitals in Melbourne accredited by the Victorian Cochlear Implant Programme to carry out cochlear implant surgery.

Please make a kind gift to help purchase the specialist equipment needed to help restore people’s hearing.

The main cause of hearing loss as people get older is sensorineural hearing loss, and cochlear implants can be an effective solution.

And as the population ages the need for this surgery is increasing and we need more specialist medical equipment to meet this growing demand.

To provide this world-class service the best equipment is necessary, and the specialist Stryker Drills are needed to undertake this precise surgery.

Epworth has the dedicated and exceptional surgeons to perform the surgery and with your help we will have the world-class equipment to carry out even more surgeries to help people with hearing loss.

Imagine the joy and wonder of hearing your loved one’s voice again. Enjoying a cherished piece of music. Or hearing your grandchild for the very first time.

Restoring someone’s hearing is “one of the most rewarding procedures that you can perform as an otologist” says Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, Dr Tim McLean.

Please make a gift today to help restore someone’s hearing.

Once the $93,000 is raised the three specialist Stryker drills needed will be purchased so more surgeries can be undertaken.

And more patients can receive a life-changing cochlear implant.