We really wanted to do something that would make a difference to families who have to travel further to access the care they need.

The importance of having loved ones close by while you’re in hospital is critical, and the purchase of a new apartment near Epworth Geelong is seeking to make this even easier for patients from western Victoria and beyond.

“We know that many of our patients and their families make the long journey from surrounding regional areas to receive the very best treatment and care, and in some instances, the cost of accommodation is incredibly challenging, so the fact we can provide this complimentary accommodation is so special,” reflects Leonie Lloyd, Epworth Geelong Executive General Manager.

“Without this accommodation, many patients would face their treatment alone without support, and would also worry about their family back home.”

This accommodation, as well as the two units alongside Epworth Richmond, are helping our staff care for patients in ways we could have only dreamed off.

“We know that providing a patient with emotional support is critical, and having this accommodation really sets us apart as a hospital and shows how much we care about the holistic wellbeing of our patients,” reflects Leonie.

“It’s thanks to the generosity of our community that we can do this.”

Like so many milestones in Epworth’s history, it is philanthropy that has enabled us to expand and grow our treatment and care for patients, and it is supporters like Anton and Jenny Gaudry who have made this possible.

The Gaudry’s connection to Epworth began initially as a business relationship, but it quickly developed further, with the Gaudry’s becoming one of the first donors to fund an Epworth Staff Scholarship to support the training and development of our staff.

“I’m extremely passionate about enabling education. I remember that first scholarship ceremony, there was only six or seven scholarships awarded, and today, there’s over 170,” said Anton.

Today, Anton sits on the Epworth Medical Foundation Board, and wife Jenny, is a member of Epworth’s Special Events Committee.

Having helped fund research by A/Prof Miles Prince into blood cancer and immunotherapies, another cause particularly close to their hearts, Anton shared that they were delighted to help fund the new patient accommodation in Geelong.

“We have spent a lot of time in regional Victoria in recent years and that’s really heightened our awareness of the additional challenges faced by families in regional areas.”

“We really wanted to do something that would make a difference to families who have to travel further to access the care they need, and we hope this new accommodation will provide some relief during what can be a really stressful and emotional time.”

The accommodation will be named Frances Gaudry House in honour of Anton’s mum, Frances.

“Mum had a background in nursing and was focussed on caring for others, so it’s fitting that the accommodation is named in her honour.”


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