Your gift will help purchase vital surgical equipment for our operating theatres


To meet the increasing demand for surgery in our hospitals we need to purchase more equipment for our operating theatres, so our patients don’t have to wait for the surgery they desperately need.

“The increase in the demand for surgery over the last year means we need more state-of-the-art equipment so we can provide our patients with the best possible care without delay. Sally McKnight, Associate Director of Clinical Services – Perioperative.

Please make a gift today to help purchase theatre equipment so our patients can have the surgery they need when they need it.

Each of these items will be used every day by our experienced surgical teams to meet the demand for a range of surgical procedures.

  • A NIM Vital - Interoperative Neuroimaging system helps reduce nerve damage during delicate surgeries
  • The anaesthetic machine constantly monitors patients during surgery
  • An Electric Pen Drive that enables our surgeons to conduct delicate and precise procedures including foot, hand neurosurgical and oral surgeries
  • A MyoSure machine to remove uterine polyps and fibroids safely and efficiently together with…
  • …the Omni Hysteroscopes that provide surgeons with clear images to carry out these procedures
  • The BK Robotic Drop-in ultrasound probe enables surgeons to accurately identify tumour margins for removal
  • The Sentimag console and probe is an innovative new system designed to localise and stage breast cancer in a less invasive and more accurate way
  • FujiFilm Sonosite Ultrasound provides detailed images to enable our surgeons and anaesthetists to accurately locate arteries, veins and nerves during surgical procedures.

Please make a gift today to help purchase vital equipment for our operating theatres. Your gift means our patients will have the surgery they need when they need it.