Working within the brain requires millimetre accuracy, and as Epworth Neurosurgeon Dr Jeremy Russell shares, the new CUSA system funded by donors is having a significant impact in providing this delicate care.

“Having access to the latest CUSA is critical for neurosurgeons at Epworth. Part of my role as a neurosurgeon is removing tumours from the brain and skull base – it’s an exceptionally sensitive area,” shares Dr Russell.

“The CUSA is used to remove tumours via a movement that both vibrates and destroys the cells and sucks them away at the same time without applying significant pressure.”

Not only does the new CUSA have a much lighter hand-piece which ensures greater comfort during lengthy multi-hour surgeries, the CUSA has an accelerator pedal that allows you to dial up and dial down the intensity of the vibration.

“There’s no doubt that these latest improvements translate to better treatment and care of our patients.”

Dr Russell is deeply appreciative for the support of Epworth’s donor community who made the purchase of the CUSA possible.

“We simply couldn’t do our jobs without this critical equipment.”

“Epworth is an amazing hospital. Neurosurgery is very complex, and to be able to do what we do here at Epworth requires the very best equipment.”

“We have donors and a community that allows us to be in this position and have outstanding equipment. It’s very humbling and we’re very fortunate.”

To learn more about the impact of philanthropy at Epworth, visit News and Stories.


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