The support of Epworth’s donor community has ensured that Specialist Breast Cancer Surgeon, Dr Chantel Thornton, has access to the Trident Imaging System, providing in- theatre x-rays within seconds to help guide the treatment and care of her patients.

“During surgery, I remove the cancerous tumour from the breast and take a surrounding margin of tissue. I want to make sure I’ve got all the cancer but to do that, I need to take an image of the sample because a lot of cancers are impalpable, that is, you can’t necessarily feel or see the cancer cell. They can be absolutely microscopic and something only the very best imaging can capture.”

The Trident Imaging System is enabling Dr Thornton to take these images immediately in theatre, ensuring her patients are under anaesthetic for as little time as possible.

“The longer a patient is under anaesthetic, the more strain it places on their immune system which impacts the quality of their recovery. I want to get them back on the ward and recovering as quickly as possible.”

“That is why I’m so grateful to Epworth’s community of supporters who so generously funded this important equipment – it directly helps us provide the best possible care to our patients.”

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