The Jreissati Family Pancreatic Cancer at Epworth is providing a platform of hope for patients with pancreatic cancer today, and also recognising loved ones lost to this terrible disease.

Cherie Cork and her family lost their beloved husband and father, Tat (Anatolij) Cork, to pancreatic cancer.

Tat’s diagnosis was unexpected and represented a really challenging time for the Cork family. Wanting to make a difference to patients and families facing pancreatic cancer in the future, Cherie is determined to make a positive difference by funding equipment for clinical trials and research at the Jreissati Family Pancreatic Centre.

“If I can help fund this important centre and make a difference to the lives of others then I will,” shared Cherie.

As a former nurse, Cherie is particularly passionate about Jo-Anne Crowther’s role as Pancreatic Nurse Coordinator.

“Pancreatic cancer is a challenging journey and I think it is wonderful that a dedicated role such as Jo-Anne’s is available to help patients and their loved ones navigate through diagnosis and treatment.”

Next year, Epworth will launch a dedicated building for the Jreissati Family Pancreatic Centre, focussed on creating a nurturing environment for Jo-Anne and the team to support patients.

As Scott Bulger, Executive Director Epworth Medical Foundation shares, “We are delighted to name the Family Room at the new building for the Jreissati Family Pancreatic Centre in Tat’s honour. This is a space where patients and their families can go to receive guidance and support.”

“We’re so grateful to the Cork family for the support they have provided over many years.”

To learn more about the impact of philanthropy at Epworth, visit News and Stories.


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