Epworth Medical Foundation in partnership with Viridian Foundation is hosting Walk4Rita, an annual step challenge raising money to support the Jreissati Pancreatic Centre at Epworth as they seek to find new and better ways to diagnose, treat and care for patients with pancreatic cancer.

Walk4Rita starts on 1 July!

“Walk4Rita was born in mid-2021 when Viridians HR Director, Rita Agati, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer,” said Scott Bulger, Executive Director, Epworth Medical Foundation.

“The Viridian Foundation set up the first Walk4Rita step challenge that year to raise funds for the Jreissati Pancreatic Centre at Epworth. Sadly, Rita passed away six months later.

“We would love you to join Team Epworth! It is $31 dollars to join – follow the sign-up instructions below, and all participants will receive a commemorative t-shirt and cap!

Since it’s inception, Walk4Rita has raised an incredible $500,000.

“This year we’re trying to recruit an even bigger team to participate!” continued Scott.

“It’s such a wonderful way that the community can come together and honour Rita and importantly, support the work of the Centre. It really does make a difference as we seek to change what it means to receive a pancreatic cancer diagnosis.”

Here’s how to join:

  1. Download the MoveSpring App to your mobile device Apple  Google play
  2. Enter the Org Code in the App: w4rstepchallenge
  3. Create your personal account in the App
  4. Donate minimum $31 to the Viridian Foundation via the App
  5. Select ‘Join a Challenge’ and join Viridian Foundation W4R Step Challenge
  6. Select ‘Join or create a team’ and join Team Epworth
  7. Then follow the steps to sync your MoveSpring App to your step counting Device/App

If you have any questions, please contact Kathryn Johnston, Donor Relations Manager Centres of Excellence at the Epworth Medical Foundation[email protected] or 0412 455 680

This event is made possible by an exceptional group of sponsors and supporters who want to change the outcomes for patients with pancreatic cancer. We thank and acknowledge the 2024 sponsors of Walk4Rita:

Step up and join Walk4Rita this JULY - Epworth Medical Foundation

To learn more about the impact of philanthropy at Epworth, visit News and Stories.


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